Wide Variety of Australian Seagrass

Australia is a unique country and continent in that it hosts a wide range of seagrass species.  There are about 30 different species from 12 genera known to grown in Australia.  In the Sydney area alone there are 6 common species. 


When compared with the 2 species we find in Seattle (1 non-native) the breadth of diversity in the area becomes clearer.  I have a great map I will have to scan and post later. 

Coastal Australia is suffering from a variety of stressors.  See the map below to get a feel for the shape of the coast I will be sampling in and the variety of issues the seagrass may be dealing with.


For my study of Labyrinthula distribution in Sydney, I plan to collect a minimum of 10 samples all 6 expected species over a minimum of 10, hopefully more, sites. At present, I have not selected the ten sites, but I can tell you about the 6 different species. 


Halophila australis


Halophila decipiens


Heterozostera tasmanica


Posidonia australis


Zostera capricorni


Zostera mulleri

Tomorrow I will meet with a seagrass guru and hopefully he will be able to lead me in the right direction for how to identify sample the seagrasses and what sites may yield fruitful returns (hopefully with no scuba or threat sharks!)