Brooke possesses an impressive depth of understanding about ecological design and plant knowledge, paired with a refreshing straightforwardness and collegiality, that combined both inspire confidence and ensure technically and aesthetically successful design responses.

— E.U.

“A pleasure to work with”

Where passion and creativity meet science, there you will find Brooke musing and planning her next design. Brooke's dedication to blend creativity with ecologically sound principles makes her a unique and exciting individual and a pleasure to work with. Not only is she an inspirational professional, but an inspirational friend as well.

— B.R.

"High degree of self motivation and integrity”

Brooke has a great attitude, uses good judgment, and is willing to accept increased responsibility. She possesses a high degree of self-motivation and integrity, and can be counted on to use good common sense in her professional and interpersonal communication. Her positive outlook is appreciated and valued by her colleagues and clients.

— M.E.

Brooke is an excellent landscape designer. Her work ethic, and thorough understanding of plants - both native and non-native - is impressive. Most importantly, she’s very true to her values - honesty, integrity and protecting and enhancing the natural environment. - T.H.

“Engaging style and consistent work quality products”

Brooke possesses imaginative landscape design skills as well as a variety of technical skills and certifications. These skills, coupled with Brooke's engaging style and consistent quality work products, put her in great demand with her coworkers and allowed her to work across disciplines and business groups.

— A.M.

“Strong sense of stewardship”

Brooke has remarkable talent and she always approaches a project with an open mind and great intellect. She is open to constructive criticism and uses this information to create a fresh, new idea that addresses the needs of the project. Brooke is always willing to learn more and put in the extra mile to complete a project. Whenever a new situation arose, she would put in considerable hours of research and work before the next meeting. Often she would have an approach as well as a possible solution by then. Brooke is incredibly creative person with a strong sense of stewardship and desire to put out the best possible work for anything that comes her way. She is also easy to get along with and works very well with others.

— C.O.