Manly Beach - Surf City Australia


What a beautiful day...  I saw so many beautiful animals, plants, people and beach! 

I hopped on the bus from Cromer and rode to Dee Why.  From there I transferred to the bus to Manly Beach.  Manly Beach is also known as Surf City, and to my amazement it is a week of qualifiers for the Australia Open of Surfing tournament which is next weekend!  You cannot imagine how many people were surfing...   Kids of all ages (1-99) riding surf boards. I found it interesting that many bicycles and mopeds were equipped with surfboard holders. 


There are so many surfers here that for their safety the swimmers are to stay between the yellow and red flags (a very, very narrow portion of beach).  Surfers are also reminded of the code of ethics.


A stroll down the beach led me to Cabbage Tree Bay where everyone was snorkeling and swimming.   I took a photo of all the fish that were seen by 11 am today.


On my way back from Cabbage Tree Bay Preserve I saw the protected water dragons.  They are very sleuth and enjoy the wet, shaded rocks of the cliff above the boardwalk.


I also saw some beautiful flowers and interesting trees above Cabbage Tree Bay in a well off neighborhood.  So many of our treasured house plants can be seen growing and flowering in the gardens around Sydney.  As a botanist, it is really amazing to see such varied flora.


After that I had a cold cider and proceeded to catch the bus back home.  Tired, hungry and sunburned...  Great day.