Samples plated!

Today I plated 33 samples of seagrass collected from the central coast last weekend.  I am crossing my fingers that refrigeration was successful.  The seagrasses were in such bad shape to begin with that I am nervous the true fungi will overrun the plates. 

First Australia Laby plates

First Australia Laby plates

Tomorrow I will look at the plates under the microscope and see if any Laby is growing and whether I can cut out some bits to try and get an axenic culture going.  So far I have plated Zostera mulleri and Halophila spp. 


I am hopeful we can find some Posedonia australis in Botany Bay on Friday.  They are quite deep, but apparently accessible by snorkel in this particular bay.  It is strange to be doing this work without my mentor, Dan Martin.  We make a good team.  Plating samples just isn't the same without him!


Well, I put them to bed in the constant temperature room (27 C) with 12 hour light period.  Hopefully something shakes!  The labs are air-conditioned and I feared they would be too cold.  I guess I will see tomorrow am.