Seattle: Partly Cloudy with a chance of rain showers… for the next 9 months!

It is hard to live and work in the Seattle climate this time of year!    The days can bring the most brilliant, warming sun you have felt in months… and then take it away with the passing of one fat, wet cloud; appearing in the warm winds that pass over during those precious late days in spring.  These small moments of Sunshine Triumph must be capitalized upon! Here in Seattle, we get the long nights and the freezing rain… for most of the year. But we push on like junkies for that sweet glimmer of sun in late May. 

This is really an otherwise magical time in my garden here in Seattle and I am so eager share with you what I am doing to stay sane during this terrible, cold weather this spring.


1. Pull weeds.

2. Prune dead branches.

3. Inspect trees and shrubs for disease and insects.

4. Start planting out new veggies in the yard.   

5. Seed summer crops.

6. Take a nap in the sunshine.

7. Make a dump run.

There is a clear changing of the winds here in the late Spring and end of Fall that heralds my attention and I know the cold season is ending.  (That is: In Seattle, we have two seasons.  Overcast and rainy 9.5 months of the year and dry and sunny 2.5 months of the year). There really is not much sunlight for a large part the year, but we have a great burst of light and water in the spring that gives us a chance to grow foods easily and quickly during the spring, summer and fall.  Dedicated gardeners can even get a harvest through the winter.

I am totally convinced everyone suffers from 'a case of the Mondays' everyday from regional Vitamin D deficiency.  Maybe its just me!

Still, I am pushing on between work and rainfalls planting fresh seeds for spring greens, (which I am heartily eating after a long winter). I am pulling and chopping early garlic and chives. My twinberries are blooming and the peas and beans are up! We were lucky to receive some beautiful tomato and pepper plants from friends that we planted out in the garden with the squash sprouts.  This routine in the spring garden keeps me entertained and fed!  Hard to stay in a bad mood too long!

I hope you all enjoy THIS, another terribly, gloomy, partly-cloudy-with-a-chance-of-showers day!